Site Inspection Videography

At OPVEON, we are proud to serve the needs of law firms across the United States. We offer litigation solutions from discovery to trial, including legal videography. Site inspection videos are one of our nationwide legal videography offerings.

What is a site inspection video?

A site inspection video is a thorough visual inspection that preserves and provides documentation of a place or scene.

When should you use a site inspection video in your case?

Site inspection videos are impactful pieces of evidence, and they are used to:

  • Preserve and create a permanent record of a site or scene (ex: pre-construction conditions)
  • Equip you with indisputable evidence
  • Demonstrate a process (ex: how something is processed in a manufacturing plant)
  • Show safety hazards
  • Provide a visual of a layout and its surroundings (ex: an oil rig)
  • Demonstrate effects of damage (ex: fire damage or auto accident)

Site inspection videos in the courtroom

A site inspection video is a powerful and captivating piece of evidence that provides the judge and jury with complete accuracy, clarity, and understanding. From our experience, site inspection videos provide your case with a favorable impact. Our team of video experts can prepare you for your presentation by creating any video cuts you need and by creating any desired highlights to draw your audience to the most significant details.

Further impact your presentation

When booking a site inspection video, let us know if you are interested in utilizing the unique advantage of drone video footage. Using a drone in your site inspection will provide a comprehensive aerial perspective that can show many crucial details and how they work together in 1 clip.

Are you interested in having high-quality photos to combine with your presentation of evidence? Our evidence photographers often work with our site inspection videographers to equip you with both video and stills that preserve crucial evidence of your matter. We can also enlarge your evidence photos and place them on exhibit boards with dry-erase capabilities.

What is the OPVEON difference?

Our videographers are equipped with the highest grade of technology, knowledge, and professionalism. Our legal video team is reputably certified through the American Guild of Court Reporters. You can rely on our videographers to capture every detail in high quality and create any desired video edits. If you need anything further, we are the only phone call you need to make. OPVEON is your one-stop shop for all your litigation needs.



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